How to use ‘CSV import’ option to import external .CSV file to Epik ?

  1. Login to Epik .com and go to Domain Portfolio page – page.
  2. Before importing external .CSV file, First we need to export .CSV file using ‘CSV Export‘ option from Epik domain portfolio page.
  3. To do this, Follow the steps in KB article –
  4. Now open the external Exported .CSV file created in the above step and make the required changes on domain parameters like updating Buy Now, Make Offer, Name Servers etc. and save the .csv file.
  5. Now Import the above .CSV file to Epik, For this, Go to Domain Portfolio page – -> ‘Register‘ Tab, you will see an option ‘CSV import‘ at the bottom of domains as shown in below screenshot –
  6. User is displayed with ‘Import CSV’ popup with ‘Choose Files’ button. Click on this button and browse the .CSV file from local system and click on ‘Import’ button.
  7. Once the import process completes, click on link generated ”See Details for CSV Import uploaded on 2/22/2020, 10:06:08 AM’‘ to check the processing status.
  8. User will also receive an email with CSV import processing summary link with message ‘Your portfolio import at is now complete..’ where user can check the detailed report on .CSV import.
  9. Click on Summary link from email message received to check detailed status as shown below –

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