Listing Epik domain names to Afternic using Afternic Fast transfer

What is Afternic Fast Transfer?
Fast Transfer is a service provided through our partnership with Afternic – one of the world’s premier marketplaces for buying and selling existing domain names.
Epik partnered with Afternic to allow our customers to sell their domains in a faster and easier way – using the Fast Transfer option. This means domain can be transferred in just minutes rather than days, which is the standard amount of time these types of transfer usually take.
So, now you can list your domains for sale on Afternic, and have them included in the Fast Transfer network.
Essentially, Fast Transfer is the process of moving domain ownership from the seller to the buyer. It is an automated way to process domain transfer between different registrars, reducing the manual work often involved in such sales.

How to List Epik domains on Afternic?

Step 1:

Login to your Afternic account.

Step 2:

Once login to Afternic account, Go to Portfolio -> Add domains page.

Step 3:

Enter your Epik domain name(s) which you wanted to list in Afternic and enable Fast transfer in ‘Enter domain name(s)‘ field and click on ‘Continue‘ button as shown below –

Step 4

Once you click on ‘Continue‘ button, in next step, you need to set pricing for your domain like Bin price, Floor Price and minimum price.

Step 5:

Enter all pricing info and click on ‘Submit domains‘ button. User will be navigated to Review domains page.

Step 6:

In ‘Review domains‘ page, click on ‘Submit for Processing‘ button

Step 7:

Now your domains gets submitted as shown below –

Step 8:

Once your domains are successfully submitted to Afternic, you will receive an email from Afternic regarding opt-in process as shown below

Step 9:

You will also receive an email from Epik with a link to confirm your domains to list in Afternic platform. Please note that email may take some time to see in your inbox.

Step 10: 

To initiate Opt-in process, Open the link received from email and select the domain name and read and check the Terms & conditions and click on ‘Approve Sale’ button

Step 11:

Once ‘Approve sale’ button is clicked, you have successfully approved your domain for opt-in for Afternic fast transfer sale

Step 12:

Once above step is completed, your domain is ready to be listed in Afternic and you will see the same in your afternic account after sometime.

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