Securing your Federated Identity Account

What is Federated Identity?

Federated Identity is Epik’s Single Sign On platform, which allows customers to have only one account that works on a series of Epik products, for example Epik, Masterbucks, NameLiquidate and BitMitigate.

How can I secure my Federated Identity account?

You can secure your Federated Identity by enabling 2-Factor Authentication via SMS or App.

Twofactor authentication (2FA) is a security system that requires two separate, distinct forms of identification in order to access something. The first factor is a password and the second commonly includes a text with a code sent to your smartphone.

FederatedIdentity supports 2FA over SMS or App, and you can view the instructions for your most preferred option below!

2-Factor Authentication via SMS

If you wish to receive a code in your phone number via SMS whenever you need to log into your FederatedIdentity account, follow the below steps.

1. Login to your FederatedIdentity Account;

2. You’re now inside your Account Dashboard. In the Mobile Number section, select your Country from the dropdown, and enter your Phone Number, as shown below:

3. Now, click on the Send button, and you should receive an SMS with a 6-digit code on your phone shortly which you will need to enter on Verification Code field.

4. Finally, tick the radio button that says Enable Two-Factor Authentication and click Save!

And that’s it! Whenever you log into your Federated Identity account, you’ll be asked to enter the SMS Code that is sent to your phone number.

2-Factor Authentication via APP

If you wish to set up 2-Factor Authentication via APP, you need to pick one of the currently supported applications: FreeOTP or Google Authenticator.

1. Login to your FederatedIdentity Account;

2. On your account Dashboard, click in the Authenticator section on the left sidebar:

3. On this Authenticator page, you’ll see a QR Code, which you need to SCAN using your phone’s camera on the app you chose to set up 2-Factor Authentication.

4. Once you’ve scanned the QR Code, you will be given a 6-digit code which you need to enter on the One-Time Code field, and you may also name the device that you added 2-Factor Authentication on.

And that’s it! Whenever you log into your Federated Identity account, you’ll be asked to enter the 6-digit code that can be found on the Authenticator App that you set up, for instance Google Authenticator.

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