Selling and Leasing Domains on Epik

Step 1

Login to your account and navigate to Domain portfolio -> select the domain name you want to sell or lease.


Step 2

Click on the icon01 icon and from the side menu and go to ‘Marketplace‘ menu ->Place the Domain for Sale,or Set up a Rental or Purchase Plan option

Step 3

To offer a domain name for sale:

  1. We can enter the ‘Buy Now’ price for which you want to sell your domain to end user.
  2. Apart from ‘Buy Now’ option, Check the option ‘Consider Offers’ in order to accept price offers.
  3. Also we can set our desired minimum offer price that we can accept for this domain while Considering Offers i.e. system will not allow buyer to enter offer price below than the price mentioned in ‘Consider Offers‘ field.

Step 4

After setting up ‘Buy Now’ & ‘Make offer’ settings, user can also have option to select range of Rent & Purchase plans as shown below

Step 5

Select the desired template for Rental/Financing plan available in the drop down and then select the ‘Start now monthly payment plan‘ option and click on ‘Apply‘ button.

Click on ‘Next’ button after applying the Purchase plan.

Step 6

In the next page ‘Venues & Verbiage’, select the desired Market place and setup ‘Landing page layout’ like Enabled ‘Contact us’, ‘social media’ etc. as shown in below screenshot

Step 7

Now under ‘Park my domains on Epik parking‘ , select the option ‘Park selected domains to Epik parking‘ option and click on ‘Next‘ button’

Step 8

As a Final step, click on ‘Submit Domains‘ button to setup your domain for sale/lease successfully.

Step 9

Now user will see the domain sale setup completion message, click on ‘Done‘ button.

After setup is complete, it may take sometime to reflect these changes to server, so try to access the domain URL after few minutes.


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