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Epik offers one of the best search and organization systems in the industry. Our simple yet complex search works on the basis of offering comprehensive search parameters as well as offering our customers the ability to create custom Tags for their domains, which can then be leveraged by the Advanced Search.

To top this off, customers can also save and reuse specific search filters to maximize their time savings when browsing through their portfolio.

Epik Portfolio Search Filters

The search filters functions are available directly through your Domain Dashboard.

Simple Filter

The Simple filter is the regular and default search options on top of the domain list. It allows you to filter your portfolio by Time Left For Expiration, Current Registrar, and Renewal Cycle Status.

Advanced Filter

The Advanced Filter feature is quite comprehensive – it offers free filter by domain, marketplace status, name servers, tags, privacy status, location, and even metrics such as Earnings and Appraisal amount. Not only you can manipulate the tags in (Advanced) but you can also Save Filter to load it at a later time to repeat the same search.

Popular Filter

The Popular Filter is used for the most common ways to filter domains, such as maximum characters, hyphenated and number only domains, and most popular types of TLDs.

Tags and Comments/Notes

Both tags and notes can be easily set up in bulk operations or individually for each domain from the Epik Dashboard. You can see both features in the Organize tab after selecting the domains, either in the top black navigation bar or in the options’ menu.


An overlay option menu will come up. You can create any number of tags to suit your needs, and add and remove tags on the selected domains. When ready, just click Apply.


The comment box will load up, where you can write any text you wish. You can then refer this notes back to the Notes section in the Advanced Filter. When ready, just click Save.