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Epik offers Private Auctions, where our customers can submit their domains (registered with Epik or with another registrar) for a secure, controlled and anonymous auction experience.

This means domains that are listed on this Private Auctions are not visible anywhere within Epik’s website nor offered for sale, and instead only parties who were given access to said auction will be able to have the opportunity to bid on these domains.

In order to access to these auctions and actually bid on them, the owner of the domains running on a live auction can share the auction link with the participants.

1. Login to and navigate to your domain Domain Portfolio.

2. Select your domain, and on the options menu, click Place The Domain On A Private Auction, under the Auctions tab.

3. You’ll be prompted with an Epik Private Auction window asking you to fill all the required fields. You can choose to remain anonymous, as well as a duration type between 1 hour and 7 days. You can also customize the domain casing, and set a description. When ready click Submit Auction.

4. This will start the process of setting up your domain auction.

5. Once the domain is submitted, you should see the confirmation window that the domain has been submitted to auction successfully. An unique and private auction link is created, as well as the general information of the auction. Click View Private Auction to see the landing page of your auction.

6. This is the landing page that the auction participants will see when they wish to bid on your domain. Please note bidders need to create an Epik Account to bid on private auctions.

7. When listing your domains for private auction(s), you will also receive a confirmation email with all the auction details.