Happy Holidays
& Thank You!

For being an Epik customer in

As the year-end holidays are approaching, on behalf of the entire team at Epik.com, I want to take a moment to thank you for being an Epik customer in 2014. We know that there are many choices for registrars and we appreciate that you have chosen Epik.com.

The Swiss Bank Of
The Domain Industry

During 2014 we have made considerable progress in building what we describe internally as “The Swiss Bank of the Domain Industry”, providing exceptional service, world class engineering, and a commitment to protecting your online assets... Learn More.

Few Notable Highlights

Expanded customer service

Epik is known for a number of things, but perhaps most notably for our “legendary” full-service support. Whereas most registrars have gone to no-service or self-service, Epik remains full-service with an expanded service team providing live full-service support 24/7 when you need it.

Web chat

If you are someone who prefers to live-chat, rather than to phone or email, you will be happy to know that Epik now offers live chat. Whether you are logged into your account or not, your personal guide is now even closer!

Knowledge Base

We are continually improving our user interface to make it more intuitive. For situations where you are confused and want to do it yourself, check out our knowledge base for helpful how-to articles.
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New domain extensions

During 2014, an unprecedented rollout of new extensions has been completed. Epik is a direct registrar for the vast majority of the new extensions. You can search or pre-order right from the Epik website.
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Increased Hosting Capacity

As your business grows, so too may your hosting needs. Epik's full-service hosting solutions can grow with you, whether you need shared hosting or dedicated servers. Our hosting experts will recommend the right solution.
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Expanded WHOIS privacy

Your privacy is important to us. WHOIS privacy has always been free of charge at Epik. During 2014, we added an additional service, Anonymize.com, for those customers who have domains elsewhere and need privacy.
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Programs for Non-Profits and Ministry

We have always had a soft spot for causes. If you run a non-profit, contact us to learn about special programs designed for a range of groups involved in charitable works and ministry.

Why choose Epik

As your preferred registrar

Legendary live support

When you contact Epik, you can expect support from a knowledgeable and professional person who will follow through until your question is resolved. In an era of mediocre support, we are keeping it legendary.

World class Security

The Epik team is committed to safeguarding your domain and website investments. We serve some of the largest domain investors in the world, and protect some of the most valuable domains on the Internet.

No hidden fees, promo codes or intrusive upsells

At Epik, you can expect a pain-free checkout. For fastest processing, you can even use our Express checkout feature which allows one-click instant checkout.

No games or arbitrary delays

At Epik, we are committed to providing customers with a great service experience. Should the day come that you need to move a domain name to another registrar, Epik makes the process straight-forward.

There has never been a better time to consolidate domains at Epik.

If you need help consolidating, I invite you to take advantage of our Free Concierge Service which will manage the entire process for you.

I hope this information is helpful to you and look forward to serving as your preferred registrar in 2015 and beyond.


Robert W. Monster

Founder and CEO