Abuse Policy

To contact our abuse team regarding abusive activity, please email abuse@epik.com with details and evidence (i.e., specifically links, screenshots, etc.). This includes all law enforcement agencies. Please note that we do not handle abuse complaints over the phone because we require written documentation for each complaint.

All abuse complaints are handled within a 48-hour period. Upon receipt of a complaint, our team reviews and depending on the issue, will either ask for additional evidence, redirect the Complainant to the hosting provider or contact the Registrant immediately to get the issue resolved. We believe in due process; therefore, every Registrant is given an opportunity to fix the issue before we take action. Overall, each Registrant is notified of every complaint received.

When our team receives a complaint at abuse@epik.com, every reply has support@epik.com cc’d which will direct the email to our ticketing system, thus creating a ticket with a number for tracking purposes. For DNS security threats, if a follow-up is needed, we take note of the ticket number on the date we need to follow up on and depending on whether or not the Registrant replies determines whether or not we take action.

For every complaint submitted, we make a detailed note on the Registrant’s account and domain with the ticket numbers for both the Complainant and Registrant along with the initials of the person who handled the complaint.