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Domain Management

Everything related to managing your domain names in Epik.com, from renewals to portfolio management.


Learn more about DNS (Domain Name System), the different records and what they do, and how to manage them in your Epik.com Dashboard and cPanel.


Take advantage of Epik’s Domain Marketplace – Learn how to buy and sell domains using our powerful solutions.


Learn how to transfer domains to Epik with our guides as well as general information regarding the process of transferring domains.


Find out how to navigate through and perform the most common operations in cPanel Dashboard.


Learn how to create, manage, migrate or set up your email accounts with Epik’s Email and Web Hosting.

Recent Support Articles

June 2, 2022 in Registrar

Expired Registration Recovery Policy

On Aug. 31, 2013, ICANN adopted the Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP), which requires registrars to disclose important information to Registrants and prospective customers about expiration notices, fees, and redemption…
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March 19, 2022 in Registrar

Alt-TLDs & Handshake Domains General Information

Alt-TLDs (operated by Epik) and Handshake (HNS) domains are special types of TLDs that are designed to operate in a specific network. These TLDs are not recognized extensions by browsers…
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March 19, 2022 in Domain Management

Epik CSV Domain Management

As a registrar that understands domain owners, we have developed multiple tools to manage domain portfolios effortlessly. With Epik's dashboard, you're able to easily edit any domain settings, price and…
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February 11, 2022 in Hosting

How To Set Up SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are digital certifications that enable encrypted connections to a website, allowing users to safely browse the web and receive or send sensitive information with the highest degree of…
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February 11, 2022 in WordPress

How To Change WordPress Credentials

Learn how to easily change or update your WordPress Administrator Credentials by leveraging the power of the cPanel and the Installatron Applications Installer. Note: To change credentials in this manner,…
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