Buying & Selling Domains: Understanding Your Epik Accounts

At Epik, our goal is to simplify the domain buying and selling process. That’s why we offer flexible funding options.

Sources of Funding

When you’re ready to purchase a domain: 

  • You can make a typical payment at the time of purchase, with a credit card.

  • Or you can opt for the convenience of a pre-funded account. 

There are two ways to maintain an account balance with Epik: In-Store Credit (ISC) or a Lawyer Trust Account Balance (LTAB).

In-Store Credit

Every Epik client is set up with an In-Store Credit account—a space where you can preload funds to use for any product or service at Epik. This helps you bypass credit card transaction fees at the point of purchase.

Refunds or credits are also deposited into your ISC account. While your In-Store Credit balance can’t be withdrawn as cash, it never expires.

You can fund your In-Store Credit account through no-fee methods (such as ACH transfer). This credit is then ready to use for future purchases.

Lawyer Trust Account Balance

When you use Marketplace or Epik Escrow to sell a domain, a Lawyer Trust Account Balance will be established for you, providing an extra layer of security for your funds. These funds can be withdrawn once the sale is finalized.

In keeping with industry standards, we’ve partnered with a law firm to establish a trust account for your domain proceeds, ensuring a secure transaction. After the sale concludes, you can either 1) withdraw your funds or 2) transfer your balance to your In-Store Credit account.

The money held in your Lawyer Trust Account Balance belongs to you. The LTAB guarantees its safety during the domain escrow process.

When You Sell a Domain:

As noted above, the proceeds from domain sales through Marketplace or Epik Escrow are deposited into your Lawyer Trust Account Balance. You can then opt to receive a direct payout (via check, ACH or wire transfer) once the sale is complete, or transfer the funds to your In-Store Credit account.

The proceeds from domain sales through NameLiquidate are added to your In-Store Credit account.

When You Purchase a Domain:

Purchasing a domain is straightforward—you can either pay with a credit card, or utilize your In-Store Credit balance. Using your ISC helps you avoid the (minor) credit card processing fee.

Our Commitment to Transparency

At Epik, your financial peace of mind is our priority. Every transaction is backed by our commitment to transparency and security, ensuring a straightforward, worry-free experience.