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What You Get with Epik SiteBuilder

Easy Website Import

Website import from different website builders like Wix, Weekly, Tilda Duda, Wordpress, Yola, Mozello and more

Simple Edit With Drag & Drop

Responsive Design, easy to use, Multi-language support, SEO, More than 200 awesome templates, Connect your domain to Website builder plans.

Smart Shopping cart

Sell your goods or services anywhere on the website. Multilanguage. Wide Range of Payment Options

Legendary Support

Technical support, Interactive guide, Closest Server locations, HTML based Nginx support.


Multiple Plugin support like Media, Social, Maps, Payment Gateway etc.

Intuitive Interface

Epik SiteBuilder offers a highly tailored page builder complete with beautifully enhanced visual options, device grouping for key element attributes, and much more.

Generate Leads

Capture your visitors contact information

Generate new Leads that you can connect with. Create simple funnels that quickly capture your visitor's contacts information, so you can generate new leads to follow-up with again and again, even after they leave your page.

Sell Your Products

Convert visitors into paying customers

Create beautiful pages and funnels that are pre-designed to walk your traffic through each step of the sales process. And convert your visitor's into actual paying customers who benefit from your products.

Websites Created With Epik SiteBuilder

SiteBuilder Pricing


  • 5 GB Space
  • 1 Email Addresses
  • 10 Menu Items
  • No Ads
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  • 10 GB Space
  • 10 Email Addresses
  • 10 Menu Items
  • No Ads
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  • 50 GB Space
  • 50 Email Addresses
  • 10 Menu Items
  • No Ads
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Connect Google Analytics with your website

To add Google Analytics:

You need to:

1. Open My Websites;

2. Open the builder using "Edit Website" button;

3. Go to "Settings" (on the top of the builder);

4. Go to "SEO" and switch to "Analytics";

5. Insert "Google Analytics Tracking ID" and click "Apply";

How to add a payment method to E-commerce

1. Select "Commerce" widget;

2. In the popup choose any Shopping Cart template by clicking on it;

3. In right toolbar "Store cart" tab click "More properties" button;

4. Put the tick "ON" in the checkbox for the payment method that you want to apply;

5. Fill in the payment information and click "Apply".

How to modify product type properties for your online store/shop

1. Сlick on any product in your online store/shop;

2. In the right toolbar's "Store" tab press "Edit products" button;

3. Go to "Item Type" dropdown list and choose "Edit" option by clicking on it;

4. Go through Lists Option dropdowns and choose "Edit" option by clicking on it;

5. You can Rename/Delete/Change options;

6. Click "Apply" button after all the needed changes.

How to hide elements for different devices

Visibility options on different devices:

1. Select an element and choose "Visibility" (properties on the right toolbar);

2. Select a parent layout and choose the "Visibility" option for the device that you want to show/hide;

3.Turn the tick on/off depending on the action that you want to apply.

How to add a popup window to the page

1. In your builder's top toolbar go to menu elements and click the "Edit" button;

2. Click on the "New Item" option;

3. Add Menu Item by filling out its information and choosing the "Popup" radio button;

4. Click on the "Apply" button;

5. Choose the page in the menu list where you want the popup to be shown;

6. Turn the checkbox ON for the "Show popup when page is opened" option;

7. Choose the popup from the dropdown list and click the "Apply" button.

How to download a file by clicking on the element

1. Select element that will be used to download a file (example: image, button, text);

2. Find the "URL" radio button in the right toolbar's first tab;

3. Click on the "Pencil" button by the "No link selected" option, you will see a "Link properties" popup;

4. Choose the "File from your Website" radio button and click on the "Pencil" button;

5. Click on the "Upload New File" – upload the necessary file, click the "Select" and after “Apply” button.