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Epik`s focus is on making it easier for people to build Internet sites that provide value to both the users and the owners of the site. Having a valuable domain name without a site on it is much like owning land but not building on it. The surest way to generate users and traffic is to create high quality sites full of unique, original content; these sites are invariably rewarded by search engines and garner more traffic and page rank. Unfortunately, not everyone has the tools, time, or expertise to build out their site. And that is where Epik SiteBuilder comes in.

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Epik SiteBuilder is the ideal platform for


By creating the Social Media Profile or by creating a news/blog site, SiteBuilder users can build an online brand of themselves or their blog. Beyond guiding you to build a killer site, we will also remind you to hook your site into other Web resources that will help promote your brand online!

Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMB)

The getting-started screens will have you up and running in minutes. From there intuitive and timely tips will continue to show you how to refine your site. Built-in support services for content and monetization help you build a profitable website without hiring an outsourced webmaster. With SiteBuilder YOU are in control!

Affiliate Marketers

With the affiliate marketing track, you can create money-making sites that provide information to your users, lowers their bar to purchase, and make money from it! Have no inventory of your own? No problem, we have partnered and hooked into the top tier affiliate networks on the Net, which you can easily drag and drop into your site. Our reporting and analytics system aggregates all your stats, no more having to look through multiple systems and aggregate reports, we do it for you!

Internet Entrepreneurs

Have an itch to build the next/newest thing on the Web? Don’t have the technical skill to create that place on the Web? SiteBuilder is the perfect place for you to explore your entrepreneurial passion!


Need to finish a job for a client quickly? Tired of the intricacies of current CMS systems? There are a number of developers using SiteBuilder as their starting point in building a site. In the near future, we will also be providing an API for you to build modules directly into the system, which you can use for yourself or charge others for that use!

Why people love the Epik SiteBuilder

Simple Drag-n-drop Site Builder

Why pay expensive fees to a web developer or spend lots of time learning code and scripts? With SiteBuilder, you don`t need to be an experienced coder or learn complicated coding hacks or HTML. You can quickly and easily build your site in mere seconds using our system`s click n` drag modules that snap into place. Want a photo gallery in a wide column or put a widget for your Twitter feed in a sidebar? With SiteBuilder, it`s a cinch!

Customizing Your Site is a Breeze

SiteBuilder offers a set of themes for you to use for free. You can even tweak or modify them to fit your company or personal brand. Want to add your own custom header at the top? Just click, browse for your file and upload. It`s that easy. Changing colors for different elements within your site is just as easy. Just point, click and save. Almost every element of your site is customizable including adding your own background images or patterns, and it`s all point-and-click.

Free Cloud Hosting

Every SiteBuilder site is ready to go live the moment you sign up. No need to waste time searching and paying for cheap, unreliable web hosting. Your site is hosted on Epik`s best-of-breed servers that leverage the power and convenience of cloud computing. Worries over unexpected traffic spikes or downtime are history. We take care of all the maintenance so all you have to do is create great content for your site.

Legendary Support every step of the way

At Epik, Legendary Support comes standard. If you get stuck, help is nearby and free. And if you ever outgrow the functionality of the SiteBuilder, Epik will advise you on your options for flexible hosting and professional design services, both available from Epik.

Epik Site Builder Pricing

With Epik, you get the usual Epik amenities of turnkey hosting, 24x7 tech support, and access to our team of SEO specialists. And, because of our platform approach to development, we are able to offer this for an unprecedentedly low cost of $7.95/month.

Platform Features

Basic Features

Number of Sites

No coding necessary

30 day risk-free trial

Add functionality through drag-and-drop modules

Earn money through affiliate ads

Fully customizable

Full reporting and analytics

Fully hosted and managed




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