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Expired Registration Recovery Policy

On Aug. 31, 2013, ICANN adopted the Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP), which requires registrars to disclose important information to Registrants and prospective customers about expiration notices, fees, and redemption procedures.

What happens to expired Domains that are set to manual renewal?

Domains that are set to manual renewal receive renewal notifications 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, 7 days, 2 days, and 1 day before expiration.  Customers wishing to manage their volume of email notifications may opt-out of these notifications with the exception of the last one, which is always sent.  The notification preferences may be configured from Account Notifications.

What happens to expired Domains that are set to auto-renewal?

Domains that are set to auto-renewal receive a renewal reminder 1 week before the expiration date.  Provided that a valid payment method is on file, the domain will auto-renew 1 day before expiration.  If the payment method fails, customers receive 1 notification that their payment method failed.

What happens to Domains that are expired?

Domains that are expired may at our discretion be granted a grace period. By default Epik offers a 30-day grace period starting on the listed expiration date. During this time, the DNS of the domain is updated, thereby disabling the customer’s host records.  To restore the prior DNS settings, the customer must renew the domain or complete a transfer of the domain to another registrar within the 30-day grace period.

What happens to expired domains?

After the discretionary 30-day grace period, the customer’s domain is deleted from their account. 33 days after the expiration date, the domain is listed in Epik’s expired and liquidation venues, and pre-release backorders may be fulfilled.

How to recover expired domains?

After the 30-day grace period, domains may still be redeemable for the Redeem Price in the customer’s account Expired Domains section until the 41st day after the expiration date, provided the domain has not been sold/backordered: https://registrar.epik.com/domain/expired-domains
In some cases, deleted domains may be recoverable for up to a total of 69 days after the expiration date, until the end of the redemptionPeriod status.  In the case, where the domain is still eligible to be recovered, the restoration fee is assessed.