Epik Support

How to activate SedoMLS

The following steps outline the process of listing domains on Sedo for the Sedo MLS network.

1. Login to your Sedo.com account. Once logged in, hover over My Sedo / Your Name, and click Add Domains in the menu.

2. Enter your domains one per line. You may also use the bulk upload option for more than 200 domains. Read and accept the terms, and click Go to Step 2 to proceed.

3. In Step 2, you’ll need to set up the type of sale, Make Offer, or Buy Now. RememberSedoMLS only works with domains with a Buy Now Price Option. Once you’ve configured everything, proceed to Step 3.

4. In the last step is where we’ll input Epik’s information. Choose Epik [S] in the Registrar option, select Yes for the Activate SedoMLS Premium option, read and check Sedo’s Terms of Use and click Finish Adding Domainsto complete the wizard.

5. Once this is complete, you’ll be able to see your domain listed. It might be unverified, in which case, head out to Sedo Ownership Verification to learn how to verify your domain using DNS Records or by changing the Name Servers.

6. Epik will send you an email asking you to verify and authorize the SedoMLS premium listing once we have received confirmation from Sedo. Click the link to navigate to your SedoMLS Approval Page.

7. Here you can review the listing, read/check the terms and Approve Sale.

8. Once you have authorized the SedoMLS Premium and verified domain ownership, your domain(s) will be active in your Sedo My Domains section.