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How to add 2-factor authentication in Epik.com

Epik Single Sign-On system is powered by Epik ID – customers are able to add 2-Factor Authentication on their Epik ID account to secure and enable ecosystem-wide security on all Epik Applications.

Epik ID supports Google Authenticator, FreeOTP, and similar TOTP-based applications.

1. Navigate to your Epik ID account, and log in.

2. In your Identity Account Dashboard, click Signing In under Account Security.

3. In the Two-Factor Authentication section, click Set Up Authenticator Application.

4. You’ll be given a screen with a custom QR code. In your Authenticator app, scan the QR code – this will add a tab to your code window named Identity(username). Type in the code in your app, add a custom device name, and click Submit to save.

Your two-factor authentication is now set up, and you’ll be required to input it at login.