Epik Support

How to delegate domains

Domain Delegation option can be used to provide access to one or more of your domains to another Epik account user (web designer or developer) while retaining registrant ownership, with both security and privacy, so a third party can manage the domain’s DNS settings or build your website.

The delegated party will need to create an Epik Account to receive and manage the domain. Instruct/invite the receiving party to create an account and provide you with the email address of that account.

1. Login to your Epik.com account.

2. In your Epik Dashboard, click on Pushes on the top black navigation menu, then select Outgoing Pushes.

3. Click on New Domain Push.

4. Enter your domain name(s) receiving/delegated party’s Epik email address.

5. Select Delegation Management from the Select Push Type dropdown.

6. Choose the Duration from the Duration dropdown (1-6 months & 1 year).

7. Click Push to complete the process.

Once the domain is delegated, it will show in the target user’s Epik account from where he/she can manage the domain, while you retain the ownership.

Do Delegated Users have access to the Domain Owner’s account?

No. A delegated party will only have access to manage the domain(s) that is/are being delegated to them in their own Epik account, and will not have any access to the Domain Owner’s Account.

What are the Delegation restrictions?

Delegated parties will not be able to push/transfer out the domain, nor change WHOIS settings.