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The A Records, short for Address records, is arguably one of the most important DNS Records, as it tells the requester what’s the IP Address tied to the domain name – ergo, it provides the visitors the server location where your website content resides, so their browser can download and display it.

A Records are mapped to IPv4, while AAAA Records are mapped to IPv6. The latter is the latest update to Internet Protocols, but IPv4 continue to be the most widespread form of IP Addresses.

Important: For your records to work, your Name Servers should be set to one of the following two options, which determine where you should add the DNS Records:

  • – DNS is managed on Dashboard
  • – DNS is managed on cPanel

The numbers may vary on the hosting name servers depending on your hosting plan. This information is emailed to you when you first purchase a plan.

If you have a third-party name servers, the DNS Records should be added on that provider’s end.

Editing the A/AAAA Records in the Epik Dashboard

There are two ways to get to the A Records edit page on the Epik Dashboard.

1. Navigate to your Domain Portfolio.

2. Locate your domain and select it. You can click on the options square menu to reveal the Set DNS Host Records options, or the same option by click DNS & WHOIS in the black top navigation menu.

3. You’ll reach the options page, where you can edit your current A Records. Here you can add or replace your A Records. To add AAAA Records instead, change the record Type element next to Host.

Note: Remember to leave your host empty in order to set a record on the root domain, as Epik does not accept the “@” sign.

4. When everything is set, click Save Changes.

Editing the A/AAAA Record in cPanel

First, log in to your hosting plan’s cPanel – you can check out this guide to learn how to access it directly.

  1. Inside cPanel, navigate to Zone Editor, under the Domains section.

2. Once inside the Zone Editor page, click Manage next to the domain options to see the full list of records.

3. Here you can use the Filters below the search bar to see only A Records. You can then click + Add Record to add a completely new record, or click Edit next to the relevant record you wish to change. To add AAAA Records instead, change the record Type element next to TTL.

Note: Unlike in the dashboard, the full name of the record including the host must be specified.

4. When ready, click Save Record or Save All Records.