Epik Support

How to edit A and AAAA records

Before following this guide, make sure your domain’s Name Servers are set to Epik’s default Name Servers. If your domain is using Epik’s hosting Name Servers, you’ll need to edit your DNS in cPanel > Zone Editor.

1. Log in to Epik.com and navigate to your Domain Portfolio list.

2. Locate your domain and select it. You can click on the options square menu to reveal the Set DNS Host Records options or the same option by clicking DNS & WHOIS in the black top navigation menu.

3. On the DNS Records page, select the External Hosts section and add or replace your A Records. To add AAAA Records instead, change the record Type element next to Host.

Note: Remember to leave your host empty in order to set a record on the root domain, as Epik does not accept the “@” sign.

4. When everything is set, click Save Changes.