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How to park domains

For parking to work, you must set the domain’s Name Servers to Epik | What are Epik’s default Name Servers?

1. Login to your Epik.com account, and navigate to your Domain Dashboard.

2. Here, select your domain. On the options menu or the top black navigation bar, click Park This Domain, under the Build tab/option.

3. A option overlay screen will appear where you can select the Parking Options. Click Epik Premium Parking.

4. At the beginning of the setup, you can choose the theme. Epik offers two themes currently. Choose the one you like best to proceed.

5. This gets us to the Parking Setup page. Here is where you’re able to define everything related to the domain. You can set the 2 taglines that our system allows (or one or none), as well as a wide array of images you can use. You may also upload your own.

6. Below the Search Engine Optimization, you’re able to change the meta information of the page, as well as add Google Analytics and even custom Javascript. Favicon and Webclip for Apple Devices can also be customized.

7. On Content & Media, you’re able to add comprehensive text, including links, images, video embedding, custom HTML, and more. On Settings, you can choose the default currency and language of the page, and save the profile with the options for easy setup.

8. Lastly, we have the ability to hide the default fields and services such as Support Chat Icon, Social Media Sharing, and other widgets. You can click View Parked Page to preview how it will look.

9. When ready click Save Changes to complete your setup.