Epik Support

How to purchase and activate a hosting plan

In order to set up your hosting, you’ll need a Domain Name (external or internal). Register a domain with Epik, or add your existing domain as external in order to activate your hosting purchase fully.

1. Select the hosting plan with the needed requirements. Epik has 4 types of hosting plans:

  • Shared Web Hosting – Top quality general purpose cPanel experience | Learn More
  • Shared Email Hosting – Specialized cPanel-based email hosting | Learn More
  • Epik SiteBuilder Hosting – Simple yet powerful All-in-one Website Builder | Learn More
  • Managed WordPress Hosting – Excellent cPanel experience with advanced specs and Managed Services | Learn More

Choose your desired hosting plan from our offerings and click Select to bring it to your shopping cart.

2. When you’ve completed your purchase, head back to your Domain Dashboard. A notification should appear at the top of the section detailing that you need to link the purchased hosting plan with a domain name.

Click Resolve Now, and select a domain to link to your hosting plan. After doing so, you’ll receive an email with your hosting details.

3. If your domain is registered on Epik, the DNS changes such as the Name Servers will be made automatically. Should your domain be registered at another registrar, you’ll need to make sure the domain name resolves to your hosting by changing the domain’s Name Servers.

4. By now, you should be able to access your cPanel. Back in your domain dashboard, you should now see the Hosting Tab. This area shows you the list of domains that have a hosting plan associated with them. Right next to each domain, you will see an orange “cPanel” button which will automatically bring you to your cPanel.

Now your hosting plan is fully active and you may start building your website!