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In this guide, we’ll understand how to request a password reset for the cPanel credentials that manage your hosting. This guide assumes you have access to your Epik Account – if you don’t, please refer to this article, or contact support.

It’s important to note that the cPanel credentials are different from your login. To reset your password with the cPanel, some conditions must be met:

  • You must know your cPanel username;
  • Your email must be configured as the hosting account email.
    • or/and:
  • You have access to your account.

Accessing the cPanel

First, access the cPanel and set up your contact information first, so a password reset is possible. If you need assistance, you can find how to log in to your cPanel in this article.

Changing Contact Information

Navigate to the top right corner and locate your username – it should be a set of letters and numbers, like abcd1234 – and store it.

Click it to reveal the menu and click Contact Information.

In these settings, change your primary email (and add a secondary if you wish) and choose which of the options you want to set. For security reasons, we advise that you use a different and secure email address that’s untied with the hosting plan. When ready, click Save.

Resetting the Password

Now that your contact information is set, we can start the password reset process. Log out, and navigate to your hosting login page, either by going to or by going directly to the hosting server URL.

Click Reset Password below the Log In button. You’ll be prompted to provide your username, and the email attached to your hosting account – the system hints at it in the email format placeholder text. You’ll receive a security code in the email and will be able to set up a new password after the code is inputted and accepted.

Once that’s done, you may now log in with your new password.