Epik Support

How to sell domains on NameLiquidate

1. Navigate to NameLiquidate.com and login to your account.

2. In the top right corner, click Submit Domains.

3. Here you can add the list of domains you wish to place for sale in the auction. External domains must be unlocked and the valid AuthCode must be specified in the format [DomainName.tld(space)AuthCode]. If your domains are with Epik, you can just type in the domain. Agree to all and click Liquidate Domains to start the auction.

4. You’ll get a confirmation screen of the domains that were put for sale, and you may add more. You may now see your active listings in the Selling tab in the top navigation, or See Current Listings.

You can also send your domains to NameLiquidate directly from Epik.com:

1. Login to your Epik.com account and navigate to your Domain Portfolio list.

2. Select your domain and click the square icon to bring up the options menu. In the last option Auctions, click Liquidate.

3. Here you can set the reserve price and click Send to place the domains in the auction.