Epik Support

How to sell domains with payment plans

Epik supports Financing, Rental and Lease plans when selling domains. To set them up, follow these steps:

1. Login to your Epik.com account and navigate to your Domain Portfolio list.

2. Select the domain you wish to sell. Click on the square icon next to the domain and a menu will appear. On the Marketplace tab, click the Place The Domain For Sale, Or Setup A Rental Or Purchase Plan option.

3. Epik offers a total of 14 different premade templates, distributed between Financing plans, Rental plans, or Optioning plans. After setting up a Buy Now price and choosing your desired template, click Apply to automatically calculate the installments. You may also configure the values to create a custom plan.

4. Click Next and continue with the wizard.

5. When done, just click Submit Domains. After propagation, you can check the landing page or our Marketplace to see it listed with the plan.

The options in section 2. Rental & Purchase Plans are calculated automatically based on the 1. “Buy Now” Price.

You can tweak the specific values and make your own custom plan with different pricing combinations – Lower Buy Now Prices combined with higher Purchase Options on a Purchase Plan, with or without interest, and full control of Grace & Refund periods are all among the features our Marketplace supports and offers.

One of the best parts about our plans is that you can offer a combination of Buy Now Price + Lease/Financing Option + Make Offer, which empowers your buyers with more options to own and buy your domains.