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How to set up contacts in Android

Android doesn’t have native support for CardDav. To get around this, we’ll need an app to configure the connection named CardDav Sync for Contacts.

1. Search for the CardDav-Sync app on Google Play Store and install it.

2. Open the app, allow access to Contacts and click Continue.

3. Choose CardDav on the Add Account options.

4. You’ll need to input the same Username, Password, and Server information as in the previous step.

Username: Your full email. Example: name@yourdomain.com;
Password: The email account password;
Server: This may vary depending on which server you’re hosted on – look for the Calendars & Contacts feature inside cPanel for the exact hostname to use.
Example: https://server.kc.epik.com:2080 or https://mail.yourdomain.com:2080
Choose Use SSL.

5. Select an Account Name and click Finish & Done.