Epik Support

How to transfer domains to Epik

1. Log in to your Epik.com Account.

2. In your Dashboard, click Transfers, then Transfer Domain to Epik.

3. Here, you can input your domains one per line. If you’d like to set up specific information for WHOIS or DNS, you can create a Domain Profile, and automatically apply it here to all domain transfers when the domains reach Epik. We can define the Authorization Codes here for bulk transfers, or later on the checkout page.

4. Click Next Step when set.

Tip: For bulk domain transfers, you can set a spreadsheet with the domains in column A and the codes in column B, copy both, and paste it here.

Epik offers free assistance in domain name portfolio transfers – contact support@epik.com for more information.

5. On this page, you’ll have an order summary of the costs, a list of the domains and their AuthCodes, as well as the price per domain transfer.

6. In this order summary checkout page, you can define or correct the AuthCode for each domain. Click Accept All to accept the terms of service and Checkout to proceed to payment.

7. Complete the payment using your preferred payment method.

Your transfer will be placed and will take between 5 and 7 days to complete. Some registrars allow expediting/accepting the domain transfer, which is possible and will shorten the time taken to transfer to between 15 and 30 minutes.