Epik Support

How to transfer .uk and .co.uk domains

Unlike other typical TLDs, .UK and CO.UK are ccTLDs and have a different process to transfer than other domain extensions, which do not support AuthCodes. Instead, this ccTLD registry uses IPS Tags.

To transfer domains away from Epik, open a support ticket providing your Account Email and PIN #, with your domain names and desired IPS Tag of your new registrar. We’ll notify you once it’s complete, and you may proceed with your registrar’s transfer process.

What’s an IPS Tag?

IPS Tags is the tool Nominet (the non-profit registry that manages these .UK) uses to assign management of certain domains to certain registrars. This means that if you want to move your domain name to another provider, you would need to change the IPS Tag to one of your new providers.

What’s Epik’s IPS Tag?

Epik’s IPS-TAG is 1API-DE.