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In this article, we’ll learn what’s Email Forwarding and how to use it on

Email Forwarding is the process of redirecting your emails to another email of your choice instead. It’s often used as an alternative to having many inboxes, where you redirect multiple different addresses’ emails to one primary email to centralize your different incoming messages into one for easy management.

Epik provides Email Forwarding for free, meaning that if you don’t have the budget for an email hosting or web hosting plan, you can still establish a forwarder address to receive email from a soon-to-be professional email address.

Keep in mind that Email Forwarding does not provide you with an inbox nor the ability to reply from the forwarder address.

How to Add Email Forwarding in Epik Dashboard

Email Forwarding only works if you have Epik’s default Name Servers, so make sure you add them to your domain before deploying forwarding. Your existing MX Records will be replaced by our forwarding server MX record.

1. Navigate to your Domain Dashboard.

2. Select your domain. On the top black navigation bar or options menu, click Forwarding, and then Setup Email Forwarding.

3. In the Email Forwarding page, check the Enable Email Forwarding option. Click + Add Email Forward to add the fields to the interface.

You’re able to add a single forwarder address, or enable a Catch-All address, which will redirect any email sent to the domain (any possible addresses) to a specific email.

4. When done, click Save Changes.

How To Add Email Forwarding in cPanel

Email Forwarding through cPanel only works if you have Epik’s Hosting Name Servers, so make sure you add them to your domain before deploying forwarding.

1. Navigate to your cPanel Dashboard.

Check out this guide to learn how to access cPanel through Epik.

2. Inside the cPanel, select Forwarders.

3. Inside Forwarders, click Add Forwarder.

4. Complete the origin email and domain and the destination email., and click Add Forwarder to save.