Epik Support

How to use the Epik API

The Epik API allows you to utilize the Epik systems programmatically. The API allows you to manage your Account, Domains (Register, Renew, Transfer, WHOIS, DNS, etc.), Marketplace, NameLiquidate, and Escrow listings.

How to access the API

Currently, our API has 2 required steps for a successful authentication: Valid Signature & IP Whitelisting. Follow the steps below to retrieve access to it.

1. Login to your Epik.com account.

2. Access the API Settings page in your Profile.

3. Click on Add IP Address to allow the IP Address that you’re planning to send requests from.

4. Add the IP Address and click Save Changes.

5. The signature will now be shown at the top of the page. You can also manage the authorized IP Addresses.

6. Click Save Changes to complete the set-up.


Read the documentation in full and test your requests by navigating to https://docs.userapi.epik.com/v2/


The Epik API has a few limitations:

  • The API is not suitable for drop-catch operations.

Rate Limits:

  • Check / Bulk Methods: 150 per minute;
  • Set / Create Methods: 30 per minute.