Enabling Domain Privacy with Anonymize.com

Create Anonymize.com ID

If you are new to Anonymize.com, visit Anonymize.com and Register a free account.
After you have created your account, you will be assigned an Anonymize.com ID which you will use while setting up WHOIS information. The Anonymize ID will then be used instead of manually entering WHOIS information with your registrar.

Using Anonymize.com ID with Epik.com Domain Profiles


Login to your Epik.com account, and click on Account / Domain Profiles,


Step 2

Click on Add A New Profile


Step 3

Under WHOIS Type, select Anonymize.com WHOIS Profile, enter your Anonymize.com ID, and save the profile


Step 4

This profile now has Domain Privacy on and protected by Anonymize.com, you can start applying it to domain names.

Using Anonymize.com ID directly on WHOIS information

Step 1

Login to your Epik.com account, and selected the domains to which you want to apply your Anonymize.com ID. Click on Manage My Domains, and select Set WHOIS info

Step 2

Click on Apply Profile and Select Anonymize.com ID, Fill in your Anonymize.com ID, and click Save, the domain name will have it’s privacy on and protected now


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