Epik Support

My emails are bouncing back

Email bounce-backs are error messages you get when an email you’ve sent isn’t properly delivered. This message is sent from your server and provides you with information on what caused the email delivery to fail.

This can happen for several reasons such as:

  1. Recipient Full Inbox
  2. Email size being too large
  3. Hosting Server Failure
  4. Incorrect, Non-existent, or Fake Addresses
  5. Blacklisted Domains
  6. Address Blocked by Provider
  7. Unvalidated Domain (SPF or DKIM failure)

It’s often not possible to fix an email bounce back depending on the reason why it’s happening in the first place. Should you be sending out a high volume of emails, it’s likely there may be some typos or non-existent emails or domains, which increases the possibility of receiving these messages.

A vast number of undelivered messages and bouncebacks may also indicate that an email account has been compromised and is being used to process spam. 

If you’re having issues with bounce-backs and are not sure why, make sure to collect the information sent on the bounce-back message and provide it to our support when placing a support ticket request.