Epik Support

What to do if the payment is flagged as potential fraud

Epik has solid anti-fraud systems in place to prevent any transactions that might be considered suspicious. There’s a series of variables that might deploy these systems, one of them being the use of VPN/Proxies or the distance between your current location and the address on file.

If your transaction is being flagged with risk, follow these steps:

1. Disable or remove your VPN;

2. Clearing browser cache.

3. Clear your browser’s cookies.

4. Close your browser.

5. Open a new private or incognito browser window and try processing the payment again.

If these steps don’t work, consider opening a ticket with Support for additional investigation. Depending on the situation, we may require user validation in order to proceed with the payment.

You may also use another payment method, such as Crypto, Wire, or PayPal to complete your transaction.