Epik Support

How to create an Escrow transaction?

1. Both parties will first need to create an Epik Account and log in.

2. After that, head over to the Epik Escrow page, and click Start Escrow Transaction.

3. You’ll be prompted to choose your role in the transaction – Buyer, Seller, or Broker.

4. In the Deal Information, you can set the other party’s email as well as the payment currency, and who pays the Escrow fees. A custom message can be sent if you have a specific request about the Escrow transaction you’d like to see completed, such as partial payments. Click Next to proceed.

5. In the Domain Names section, you can set the domain, payment currency it will be bought with as well as the price. Click Submit Escrow Request to complete the transaction setup.

6. You’ll now be able to see the Escrow transaction dashboard inside your Epik Account.

7. In this dashboard, you’ll be able to monitor every step of the transaction. You’ll be notified via email when the steps are completed or when you need to proceed with any action such as transferring the domain or processing payment.