Epik Support

I can’t send or receive email

When you can’t receive or send an email, there may be a few things that are wrong with either the domain name DNS or the email configuration in your client.

  • Start by making sure your domain is properly connected to Epik’s hosting via Name Servers, or via DNS records.
  • To test if everything is working, log in to your webmail, and try sending a message from the server to yourself and then replying, preferably with another email address | How to access webmail
  • You can go to cPanel > Track Delivery to see the emails coming in and going out. If your domain is properly connected to the hosting server, you should see the messages coming in and going out, and the errors associated, if any.
  • Should the cPanel and webmail be working properly, it’s safe to assume that there’s a problem in your email client configuration.

Review the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server information, and correct them in your email client settings.

If it doesn’t work, try updating your email client, and removing / re-adding the email address.